Transforming Lawn Care With On-Demand Mobile App

Block is a Baton Rouge-based tech startup seeking to modernize lawn care. Their mobile app lets customers book and pay for same-day lawn mowing with just a few taps. Block handles all scheduling and coordination so homeowners can outsource this tedious chore.

The Challenge

The typical homeowner spends over 10 hours per month mowing, edging, pruning, and otherwise maintaining their lawn. This frequent yard work competes for time that could be spent with family, on hobbies, or just relaxing. Scheduling recurring lawn care appointments with traditional companies is also inconvenient, requiring homeowners to coordinate around rigid service calendars and pay far in advance.

Attempting DIY lawn maintenance means sacrificing leisure and family time, along with the costs of buying equipment and learning proper yard care. Current options also lack transparency around pricing, with packages and contracts making it hard to know what you’re paying for each service.


Modernizing lawn care

Mobile Solution

Get fast, same-day lawn mowing through the Block app. Customers simply choose a date and services needed, like mowing or edging.

Ecosystem for Mowers to Support Need

Users are instantly matched with one of Block’s pre-vetted local mowers. All providers are background-checked and rated by other users.

Ease of Payment

Customers pay directly through the app, with no long-term contracts required. Pricing is à la carte based on services rendered.

Flexibility and Automation

On-demand access provides flexibility when life gets busy. Customers can also schedule recurring services for total yard maintenance.

Geo-Fenced Targeting

Block uses geo-fencing to detect when mowers arrive and finish the work, ensuring accountability. Homeowners only pay after services are done.


Seamless on-demand lawn service

Block’s seamless on-demand lawn service shows how technology can simplify and improve traditional industries. With our mobile expertise combined with Block’s outstanding customer service, maintaining your yard is now fast, easy, and stress-free. Homeowners can finally make the most of their free time while supporting local mowing businesses. Block demonstrates how a strategic partnership between industry innovators and experienced mobile developers can create game-changing products.

Immediate ROI for End User

Given homeowners 10+ hours back per month to focus on family, hobbies, and rest. This time savings is based on average lawn care demands for the region.

Financial Gains

Saved customers 15-20% compared to traditional lawn care services. Block’s transparent à la carte pricing prevents overpaying for unused services.

Increase in Property Value

Maintained and improved home values through consistent lawn care. Well-kept lawns increase curb appeal and prevent citations from HOAs.

Flexibility and Freedom

Provided a flexible income source for vetted local mowing providers. Block empowers contractors to set their own availability through the app.

Increased Satisfaction

Reduced frustrations of coordinating contractors and appointments. Block’s seamless booking eliminates the hassle of managing providers.

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