Interactive Digital Tools for the Louisiana Department of Economic Development

As an agency devoted to strengthening Louisiana’s business environment, the Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED) constantly seeks new ways to promote the state’s economic opportunities. However, their existing online presence and communication platforms needed to be updated. LED’s websites lacked mobile responsiveness, security features, engaging content, and functionality. These technical shortcomings made it difficult for LED to effectively reach and convert site selectors and businesses looking to invest in Louisiana.

To address this strategic imperative, LED wanted to undertake a digital transformation initiative. Their vision was to replace their outdated web properties with state-of-the-art interactive platforms. These new tools are needed to provide an exceptional user experience on any device while conveying Louisiana’s unique value proposition. LED also aimed to leverage emerging technologies to facilitate direct communication and engagement with target audiences.

Achieving this bold vision required finding an experienced digital agency partner. After a thorough selection process, LED chose to collaborate with Elevator3, a leading software development firm, and ThreeSixtyEight, an award-winning marketing agency. The integrated capabilities of these two firms made them uniquely suited to deliver the mix of marketing savvy, technical implementation, and innovation needed to bring LED’s digital vision to life.

The Challenge

Elevator3 and ThreeSixtyEight embarked on an ambitious undertaking to completely revamp LED’s digital presence. The scope included rebuilding their main website, developing specialized communication tools tailored to LED’s needs, and devising an overarching digital strategy.

Specific challenges involved:

  • Transitioning to a modern, mobile-first website architecture to provide an exceptional user experience on any device
  • Implementing robust content management tools to allow LED administrators complete control over their sites
  • Integrating e-commerce, analytics, automation, and other marketing capabilities
  • Ensuring all new platforms met stringent speed, security, compliance, and accessibility requirements
  • Providing ongoing support and continuous enhancements after the launch
  • Aligning the latest platforms with LED’s overarching brand messaging and objectives


Solutions that Solve Problems

To address these multifaceted challenges, Elevator3 and ThreeSixtyEight formulated a comprehensive game plan aligning the best of their respective expertise.

Creative and Marketing

  • Created compelling, targeted content that aligned with LED’s strategic messaging
  • Designed visually engaging, on-brand interfaces optimized for user conversion
  • Planned and implemented digital marketing and social media campaigns

Technical Execution

  • Developed robust, responsive websites and portals tailored to LED’s needs
  • Built custom software tools to LED’s specifications based on administrator input
  • Handled cloud infrastructure, security, compliance, hosting, and DevOps
  • Performed extensive QA testing and ongoing technical support


  • Managed complex project plans, resources, and timelines using collaboration software
  • Instituted workflows for transparent communication, feedback, and approvals
  • Provided strategic consulting on objectives, KPIs, and continuous optimization


Driving digital transformation

The success of this ambitious engagement demonstrates Elevator3 and ThreeSixtyEight’s ability to drive digital transformation for clients. By leveraging their combined technical capabilities and marketing expertise, the firms created cutting-edge platforms that allowed LED to engage target audiences in entirely new ways. The strategies produced measurable ROI through increased website traffic, followers, and user satisfaction.

This project serves as a case study of how integrating specialized technical and creative disciplines can produce exceptional outcomes. LED’s digital overhaul also illustrates how using   the right agency partners provides strategic value far beyond just execution help. It allows clients to capitalize on innovations and outside perspectives to gain a competitive advantage. Elevator3 and ThreeSixtyEight’s focus on understanding LED’s specific business context was instrumental in delivering solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

The future looks bright for LED as they continue optimizing their new interactive platforms to drive economic opportunities in Louisiana. Their collaboration with Elevator3 and ThreeSixtyEight establishes a framework for ongoing partnership to push the boundaries of what’s possible through technology.

Increased Traffic

An increase in website traffic within 9 months of launch

Faster Page Load

Faster page load times thanks to performance tuning

Increased followers

Grew social media followers across all of LED’s channels

Reduced Administration

Reduced administrative effort through intuitive content tools

Improved Compliance

Surpassed all compliance, accessibility, and security requirements

Higher Ratings

Achieved higher user satisfaction ratings based on voluntary feedback

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