Custom LMS to Enhance Training Programs

Elevator3 partnered with a leader in performance improvement and safety training for high-risk industries. The company provides proactive error reduction programs to major organizations in sectors like energy, utilities, and petrochemicals. Their customized training identifies precursor behaviors and takes actionable steps to eliminate them before they lead to safety incidents or non-compliance events.

With growing customer demand, the business sought to scale up the delivery of its highly tailored performance improvement and safety oversight training. However, its existing learning management system (LMS) had limited customization options and lacked robust reporting. They partnered with Elevator3 to create a new LMS tailored to its specific administrative and learning needs to support and showcase the impact of its training programs as the business expanded.

The Challenge

Our client needed to scale its training delivery as the business grew, but its prior LMS presented limitations. The previous system had restricted customization capabilities and lacked mobile-responsive course completion options. They wanted to streamline admin workflows like user onboarding while simplifying the learning experience. Most critically, robust analytics and reporting were required to demonstrate training effectiveness and customer impact clearly.


Solutions that Solve Problems

Our agile approach ensured regular stakeholder feedback to refine the LMS at every stage.

Fractional Leadership

Worked closely with the client to design a custom LMS focused on their specific needs.

Responsive Design

Developed a modern, mobile-responsive interface for intuitive course completion.

Process Automation

Enabled bulk user management and automated email notifications to ease administrative burdens.

Systems Integration

Established seamless integration with SCORM content and other 3rd party systems; all within a secure hosting environment.

New Features

Added custom e-commerce, survey, and resource library features to supplement core training.

Data and Analytics

Built out a comprehensive analytics dashboard and data warehouse for detailed insights.


Transforming Training

The custom LMS we engineered has been transformational for our client’s training programs. It provided the tools and analytics needed to scale course delivery while reducing administrative overhead. Smooth user onboarding, an intuitive course interface, and expanded mobile access have led to higher enrollment and completion rates. Comprehensive reporting and a data warehouse showcase the effectiveness of their training to customers. Most importantly, the LMS has been critical for reaching more trainees and driving down errors that lead to safety incidents. By proactively identifying precursors and changing behaviors, our client uses education to make worksites intrinsically safe. This custom LMS provides the foundation for spreading these vital risk reduction teachings across entire industries.

Administration Relief

Reduced training administrative time after transition to new LMS.

Increased Effectiveness

Increased course completion rates year-over-year.

Raised Safety Bar

Decreased safety incidents among trained employees.

Data Transparency

Provided detailed data to showcase training effectiveness to customers.

Business Growth

Supported a 2x increase in training enrollment over the past year.

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