Revolutionizing Customer Engagement and Sales

In the fast-paced digital era, businesses benefit from agile and versatile CRM solutions that can adapt to multiple platforms. A local fine jewelry retailer recognized the need to enrich and expand their established CRM to enhance sales associates’ and management’s overall interaction experience. Elevator3 was their chosen partner to facilitate this evolution.

The Challenge

The client came to our team, having already developed a robust mobile CRM solution. However, the CRM required additional enhancements to cater to their evolving business needs, especially for the management team predominantly using desktops. A particular focus was intricately integrating their customer engagement strategy, which is vital for maintaining close and relevant interactions.


Solutions that Solve Problems

Our approach to augmenting the Redbook CRM for Lee Michaels included:

Web Version of CRM

By introducing a web version, we enabled all the features of their CRM to be accessible to desktop users. This version, developed with advanced user interface frameworks, was infused with Dashboard placeholders, Customer Interaction Management, Reports, and ads, ensuring a unified design experience across platforms.

Optimization of the Mobile App

Features were fine tuned to facilitate a more intuitive experience, including accommodating landscape orientations for associates utilizing hardware keyboards.

Seamless Integration

We enhanced the current CRM’s connectivity features, allowing for more efficient customer data updates and seamless syncing with their point-of-sale system.

Cross-Platform Engagement Tools

New tools were integrated to help sales associates better understand and cater to customer preferences, allowing for more personalized service. The engagement feature was expanded to document different interaction types, emphasizing meaningful connections.

Focus on Genuine Engagement

Our approach accentuated the importance of genuine customer interactions. Sales associates could now log various outreach activities, ranging from establishing personal connections to in-store events and product introductions, aligning with the standards and reward systems of the retailer.


Transformative Change

The collaboration between Elevator3 and the jeweler culminated in more than just a series of software enhancements. Through our joint efforts, the enriched CRM transformed into an indispensable tool, underpinning several pivotal facets of the jewlers’ business operations:

The newly evolved CRM, resulting from our partnership, stands as a testament to the immense potential of thoughtful technological improvements. When harnessed correctly, such tools streamline business operations and play a crucial role in nurturing and strengthening business-customer relationships. This project underscored the fact that in today’s digital age, genuine connections and the right technological tools together hold the key to sustainable business success.

Expanded Accessibility

The introduction of the web version ensured that management could more effortlessly access the CRM’s features, which directly translated into an uptick in daily usage.

Elevated Associate Experience

Refinements in the mobile app empowered sales associates with swift and meaningful customer insights, enabling them to curate more personalized interactions. This, in turn, fostered deeper trust and rapport between the associates and their customers.

Enhanced Engagement Tools

The renewed focus on genuine customer interactions meant that sales associates could consistently offer experiences tailored to individual customer needs and preferences. This level of attentiveness not only deepened customer relationships but also fortified Lee Michaels’ brand loyalty.

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