Project Overview

The new “Get a Quote” lead capture form section for our client Geoforce, a global leader in ruggedized GPS tracking devices, represents a significant advancement in our ongoing efforts to optimize user experience, fortify data acquisition mechanisms, and seamlessly integrate with diverse tools to expedite the quote generation workflow.

The released updates deliver an intuitive and user-centric quoting experience while concurrently facilitating the capturing of pertinent prospect customer data. This data is a foundation for driving personalized interactions and automating sales processes, bolstering overall efficiency and efficacy within our operational framework.


Key Achievements

Technical Setup

Staging Environment

  • Created a secure and isolated staging environment for testing and development.
  • Configured API endpoints and database structures specific to the staging environment.


  • Established secure connections with Salesforce and Pardot using industry-standard authentication methods.
  • Implemented API calls to transfer data between Geoforce and Salesforce/Pardot seamlessly.

User Interface Design

Responsive Design

  • Employed a mobile-first approach in designing the quote stepper to ensure optimal user experience on various screen sizes.
  • Utilized responsive design principles, including flexible grids and media queries.

Navigation Enhancements

  • Designed and implemented a navigation bar with intuitive links to main sections of the Geoforce site.
  • Ensured consistency in navigation across desktop and mobile interfaces.

Quote Stepper Features

  • Asset Step
    Integrated a step-by-step process for users to input asset-related information.
  • Asset Totals
    Enabled users to select which amount of assets were conducive to their industry need, CGoal Page.
  • Mobile Responsiveness
    Implemented responsive design techniques to adapt the quote stepper to different mobile devices and conducted thorough testing to ensure a smooth experience on mobile platforms.
  • Progress Bar
    Included a visual progress bar to guide users through the various stages of the quote generation process.
  • Business Information Page
    Collected essential business information from users in a structured manner.
  • Testimonials
    Incorporated a section for user testimonials to build trust and credibility and allows Geoforce to change out the testimonials as seen fit.
  • Customer Demographic Page
    Captured demographic information to better understand the user base.

Form Submission and Data Management

  • Data Capture
    Designed a user-friendly form for seamless data entry that captured user information, preferences, and requirements to provide personalized quotes.
  • Validation
    Implemented front-end validation to guide users in completing all necessary fields and ensured back-end validation to confirm data integrity before submission.
  • Integration with Pardot API
    Utilized Pardot API to sync form submissions in real-time and enabled efficient tracking of leads and automated responses through Pardot.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

  • Tool Integration
    Integrated Hotjar for user behavior analytics to gain insights into user interactions and connected Pardot for advanced marketing automation and lead tracking.
  • Payload Structure
    Defined a standardized payload structure to ensure compatibility and consistency in data transmission and established error-handling mechanisms for payload-related issues.
  • UTM Query Parameters
    Implemented functionality to capture and interpret UTM parameters for better analytics and marketing attribution.


  • Azure Hosting
    Selected Microsoft Azure for hosting, leveraging its robust infrastructure and configured and optimized the hosting environment for scalability and performance.


Future Steps

The successful completion of Phase 1 sets the foundation for upcoming phases. The Elevator3 team will continue to refine and expand the website, incorporating user feedback, optimizing performance, and adding new features.

To Access the Enhanced Quote Experience, Visit the Geoforce Quote Stepper to explore the revamped “Get a Quote” section and experience the improvements firsthand.

Paige Williams
Project Manager

Deanna Short

Luke Snyder

Logan Klier

“Elevator3 has proven to be an impactful partner in helping accelerate the growth at our firm. Since launching, we’ve been averaging a 3.4% conversion rate, a substantial year-over-year increase and above our new target. This stems from the seamless user experience and site speed performance that E3 implemented, all while providing a frictionless ‘backend’ to deliver our leads to the sales team efficiently.”


“The difference between Elevator3 and other development firms is their partnership approach. With E3 in your corner, you can have confidence and reassurance that you have a true partner to lean on.”

Head of Demand Generation – Geoforce

Weed J.

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